long time no see

i have a new work in progress now because obviously
i don't have enough shit to do.
check it out, i turned my brain inside out
figuring out tables
only a small update ^_^

got so obsessed seeing webamp on other sites,
i just had to go and get my own there. the track list was developed, as always,
with the utmost effort to make blade fans hurt :-)
it's like. the only thing you can do after watching the damn show.

aside from that, there's now a kenzaki!
im sorry if he covers something for you.
i tried to make him switch to a semi-transparent version on hover,
but it either didn't work, or if it did it looked horrid u_u

hope he keeps you good company though!
this layout is now up!
i worked on it for a while in my IT class wwww
it's pretty bare for now, but we have
finally arrived somewhere

i have plans for many little nooks and crannies, but i'm no good at planning ^__^ so this's gonna take a shit ton of time to develop.

still! im so happy to finally understand more, feels like back when i finally learned all of hiragana and switched to katakana. after years. of passive kinda-learning.

feels good to succeed. (lol)

dunno why i kept with blade as the main theme here!
it was a typical blade joke of 'heh get wrecked with this emotional scene' at first, but kenzaki's smile is simply so charming there.
let the guy stay for some time longer :-)

until the next update, then.
my plans include making the nav links usable first,
which could take some time as i want to have a different layout
for every page...
lots of personal interest pages too.
you bet there's gonna be a toku actors page. can't wait ♥